Amalgamated’s Top Posts of 2013


Finished my first full year of blogging, hope you enjoyed. Granted I took an almost half-year break.  I lost some of my inspiration for writing and time for extra curricular reading after a stressful move and starting a new job.

I love my new job, but as a result I don’t have as much time or energy to focus on this side project. Writing has never come naturally so it’s always a significant effort to put a post together. I will have to see how 2014 plays out. My plan is to focus on shorter and more pithy posts to keep the project alive.

As for 2013, here are my top five posts:

5. The Pattern of My Dialect – The quiz on the New York times website was an end of year hit. 

4. Elevator Suburbs – On Canada’s dense suburbs. Doug Saunders gave this one a boost over twitter. 

3. Why has Toronto Overtaken Chicago – My explanation for why Toronto’s population edged out Chicago’s in 2013. 

2. Better Streets: Fountain Place, Poynton – The amazing transformation of Poynton place in England is popular. Good to see that lots of people interested in better streets. 

1. Blaming the Victims – After a horrific crash that injured 10 people this summer on Lakeshore I wrote a reply to the Toronto Star’s incomprehensible coverage of the crash. My most passionate post of the year clearly resonated and tops the list for 2013.

Thanks for reading!


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