Toronto’s skyline in 2020

This is amazing.  A 17 year old, Cale Vanderveen, developed a series of images using Google Earth to show all the planned and partly finished condominium projects in Toronto.

The transformation of the entertainment district around Spadina and Queen is simply insane. In the image, the blue are buildings under construction, the yellow are currently in sales, the green are approved, and the red are proposed. Here is the entertainment district:


Cale Vanderveen, Downtown

Cale Vanderveen, Downtown

And for fun, a reminder of how the skyline appeared in 1998:

Photo Credit: Build Up

If your interested in Toronto’s skyline and its evolution over the last 15 years, the CBC did some great before and afters. They can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Toronto’s skyline in 2020

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