In this space I plan to write about all those things that might inspire me: heritage, transportation, planning initiatives from here and abroad. However, my focus will be on topics around active transportation, otherwise known as walking and biking, and writing about what’s happening in places outside downtown. My objective is to share ideas, hone my communication skills, and to hear from you. It is nice to  know other people get excited by the same things. So please leave your comments.

The views expressed in this blog are my own.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. are you on Twitter? If so, please add me: @DBast. I’m looking to organise a type of #TransitCamp. Would like to get you involved.

  2. Just want to say I use your site as a reference often. Haven’t seen a post in a long while, where have you gone?

    • Hi Tori,

      Happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed this space. I think the easiest way to explain where I’ve gone is to say I’ve quietly drifted away from the planning world.

      I started this blog when I needed an outlet because I wasn’t getting the kind of stimulation I craved at work. But as my career has progressed and moved toward public administration my work has become more fulfilling and engaging I’ve felt less a of pull toward blogging.

  3. It took me awhile to make the connection between your the career you and your Amalgamated Blog. I have been working on something that will improve the way we navigate our walkable communities and would really like to connect.

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