Geography of Toronto’s World War One Dead

Screenshot of “Grief’s geography: Interactive map of Toronto’s First World War dead”

Today is Remembrance Day. In a country where veterans of the great wars are quietly disappearing, the last Canadian World War One veteran passed away in 2010, and the average age of World War Two veterans is 87, it is becoming more important to establish tangible ways to connect with the memories of their sacrifices.

One such new connection is Global’s Interactive map of Toronto’s First World War dead. The map is a powerful reminder of the scale of loss and how it touched almost every one of Toronto’s streets at that time. For example, I found four men on my block, William Potter, George Halliday, Edward Evans, and William Hart, who lost their lives during the war. Two of whom died within three days of each other in October 1917, most likely during the Second Battle of Passchendale.

The map is a fitting new memorial that helps preserve the memories of those who lost their lives during a horrible conflict, which helped shape our modern world for better and worse.


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