Better Streets – Woodland Ave & S 42nd St, Philadelphia

Woodland Ave & S 42nd St, Philadelphia. Photo Credit: Google Maps

We are all too familiar with the kind of corner pictured above. Forgettable, except for the planters placed to make it little less grey. We have lots of these types of forgotten corners in Toronto and cities across North America. It is the kind of corner we come to expect.

Yet, as reported in Next American City, Philadelphia is remaking corners like these. If fact, the corner above was transformed for $50,000, slightly more the the cost of the average kitchen renovation, into the beautiful space below:

Photo Credit: Alex Vuocolo/NAC

The renovation was paid for as part of a project that aims to reduce storm water runoff and encourage walkability. The planters are built from reclaimed lumber and are filled with native plant-life.

This project is the result of a collaboration between the City the local Business Improvement Area, University City District, and the University of Pennsylvania to lower costs and work on ensuring the space will be properly maintained.  A great example of how everyday places can be transformed and sustained.


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